Achieve your fitness goals today!

There can be few more idyllic spots in metropolitan Melbourne to get active than Albert Park. And there’s no better way to achieve your unique fitness goals than engaging the services of a personal trainer in Albert Park. Joining a gym is all well and good but without a program tailored to suit your own, very specific requirements, it can be an exercise in futility – not to mention a costly one.

At Crunch, we take the guesswork out of getting fit. We are passionate about sharing the benefits of personal training in our Albert Park location, and our sole focus is getting you in the best possible shape to enjoy all life has to offer. We consider what kind of lifestyle you lead and what will be the most appropriate course of action for YOU. The benefits of a healthy, fit body cannot be underestimated. A fit body means increased energy levels, better quality sleep – and let’s not forget, an enviable body – the kind you may have believed was beyond your reach!

We all have different fitness goals for different stages of our lives. Maybe you’re getting married and don’t wish to get up before friends, family and of course your dearly beloved with a body that you’re less than proud of. Or maybe you’re planning a trek through the wilds of Nepal and need to get yourself in peak shape to withstand the physical challenges you’ll face. At Crunch Personal Training you are absolutely assured that we will take the time to map out a program that will deliver the best possible results for you within your desired timeframe.

The team at Crunch have gotten us in shape for our wedding, trained my wife through two pregnancies (and back into great shape!), written numerous running and home programs to keep us motivated, helped me achieve a half-marathon personal best, assisted us both through various injuries along the way & quite simply put us into the best shapes of our lives!
— John & Liz, 47 years old