What our clients say about us

My wife & I have been training at Crunch for 6 years. The team at Crunch have gotten us in shape for our wedding, trained my wife through two pregnancies (and back into great shape!), written numerous running and home programs to keep us motivated, helped me achieve a half-marathon personal best, assisted us both through various injuries along the way & quite simply put us into the best shapes of our lives! We have come a long way in 6 years and there is absolutely no doubt that Crunch Personal Training has been the key to us leading healthier and ultimately happier lives!
— John & Liz, 47 years old

I was forty two, fat and unfit. I was also recovering from a very stressful job and a health crisis, and had only ever taken a cursory step into a gym. I realized with some alarm and a great deal of reluctance that if I was to be healthy in my midlife I had to start a sensible and sustainable exercise program that would take me into the future. I found Michael – Crunch Personal Training. Michael has the patience of a saint, the iron will of a man with a mission, and the wisdom to navigate the moods of this most reluctant of clients.
— Tania, 49 years old

I have in the last four years gone from being an incredibly unfit and exercise phobic woman, to having muscles which can actually be identified. My fitness levels are great, and I am even running which still shocks those closest to me. Michael set me manageable goals even though I thought he was being tough. He pushed me just hard enough to make me feel proud of what I achieved each session without making the class a drain. He also managed to give me sound advice on nutrition. Now I look forward to my sessions, and Michael has upped the difficulty of the exercises so stealthily that until I look back, I have no idea how far I’ve come. I think Michael is an excellent personal trainer, who really thinks about what exercises are appropriate for each client and where they are at, and I can assure you does not give in easily even when you complain as persistently as I did!
— Marie, 26 years old

I have lost 18kg over six months by training twice a week with Michael at Crunch, modifying my diet with Michael’s input and increasing my walking intensity on my non-training days. Michael has been incredibly supportive and encouraging with my fitness and weight loss goals, as I did not want to deprive myself or go on an unrealistic regime. This has been a change for life … and all done by still having fun and a few laughs while training! Who would have thought!?
— Amanda, 40 years old

Working with Crunch is the single best thing I have ever done for my health and fitness. After having my two children, I feel strong, very energetic and my body is more defined than when I was 20! I always look forward to our training sessions and after 3 years we still do new exercises each week. Michael’s style is definitely not ‘boot camp’. He is gently (but firmly) persuasive which motivates me to do things for myself. I thoroughly recommend Michael – he is a gentleman, a nice guy and will get you wherever you want to go whether it’s running a marathon or just looking good in a pair of jeans!
— Sarah, 35 years old

In August 2009, I presented to Michael at Crunch Fitness as a morbidly obese 46 year old, with a recent diagnosis of pre-diabetes along with long-standing health issues including thyroid disease, an autoimmune disorder and car accident injuries. I was also going through a marriage break up, so physically and mentally I was fatigued and devoid of self-belief. I had lost hope. 5 months later after regular training sessions with Michael, I am 13 kilos lighter and enjoying strength, agility, energy and confidence that I’d have thought impossible this time last year. Michael is safely guiding me through a beautifully balanced and paced exercise and wellness program. I no longer have pre-diabetes and all my wellness markers have improved. My GP is very supportive of my program with Michael and always asks me the specifics of what I’m doing as he witnesses me moving into wellness.
— Kellie, 49 years old

I have been a client of Michael Curcija at Crunch Personal Training Studio for over four and a half years. During that time my flexibility and mobility have been greatly enhanced. Michael finds no difficulty in modifying each activity to suit my ability in exercising and indeed has always challenged me to achieve above what I think I can achieve. At the age of 68 I have never been as fit as I am today and I feel that this is due, in great part, to the care and encouragement shown by Michael in keeping me fit, healthy and enjoying my life.
— Anita, 68 years old